What is the SocialStressRefuge?

Well Hello There Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks for checking out the “about me” page here on the SocialStressRefuge’s blog site. Its great to have you hear joining in the fight to relieve the stress of our daily life. For now, you can call me D.

SocialStressRefuge is a community in the making to help people worldwide relieve stress from their daily lives. To begin, the name SocialStressRefuge can be broken down into three parts: Social, Stress, and Refuge. “Social” is a term of endearment to which kids from ages beginning at 12 years old, to adults of 65+, turn to in hopes of getting just a glimpse of a happy thought while life slowly pushes them into the dirt. Life isn’t an easy thing to handle alone, and the “Stress” on top of it just makes the load that much heavier. Did you know stress has been called “the silent killer” and can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat? Did you also know that colleges across the U.S are having “de-stress days” by bringing puppies to campus during finals week? If not, you do now. The “Refuge” part stands alone as the truly important theme of our blog; A place where people can seek shelter, or hide, from the daily stresses associated with their life.

Maybe we can’t help you turn that paper in on time, or even make your boss promote you any faster, but just smiling for 30 seconds a day will save you from having a mental breakdown. I remain anonymous because this blog isn’t about one individual having people take their time to read his blogs, but for a community of people to find a common ground in the fight against relieving stress. I personally have had my emotional breakdowns when everything seems to much, and given up when the going got tough (as cliche as that sounds). I truly don’t think anyone should have to go through that as long as I have a say in it. Hopefully everyone enjoys the idea behind the SocialStressRefuge, and takes there time to make this site mean something more then just the average de-stressing site made by the average joe.

If anyone has question/concerns/ideas, send me an email to SocialStressRefuge@gmail.com. I promise I’ll respond in 48 hours or less.



2 thoughts on “What is the SocialStressRefuge?”

  1. Great idea! one way I relieve stress on myself now is not to procrastinate. If I have too many things to do, I tend to freeze and do nothing, then worry about everything piling up. But now I keep a handle on things, do them as necessary, and life is a lot easier. I’ve also got tidier – at 66, who’d have thought it, eh?

    1. Beating procrastination is something that is definitely learned from trial and error. Its great to see people out there who have figured out ways to keep stress away and deal with it in different fashions. I, as well, seem to work much more efficiently when my apartment isn’t covered in clutter. Its wonderful to hear from you! Hopefully we see you around here on the SocialStressRefuge – A place to come and relieve your everyday stresses.


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A neutral common ground for the daily person to come and relieve your daily stresses. Need to vent? Do it here. Do puppies make you smile? Post a picture of one. Do what your heart desires to help someone else with the same stressful problems as yourself. -D

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