An Innovative Way to Feel Refreshed in the Morning


Being a college student, sleep isn’t a top priority for anyone in a town that always seems to be awake. Last night, I took my chances and laid down before the sun rose. I write this blog to let you know that I probably had one of the best sleeps I have had in months. Rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, focused, and so many other words can be listed to describe the reinvigorated amount of energy I fell.

The science behind sleep is very “debated” throughout society as I would say. Very similar to the nutritional supplements I test, people who sleep 8-10 hours a night may argue on the side of that being way better for you then 6 hours of sleep, and vice versa. This goes hand and hand with the supplements I test. People on thermogenics say they are “gods gifts to earth!” whereas people not on them say they are aweful. I am a firm beilever in becoming your own expert when it comes to subjects like this. So try out different sleeping patterns, you have your whole life to argue with people once you figure out what works best for you. I love sleeping about 6 hours a night to feel refreshed, what about you guys and gals? Let us know in the comments, maybe someone else has the same opinion as you!



Fine Cigars and Fine Friends: The Simple Things In Life

You can never go wrong with a fine cigar on a night full of stress.

When I recommend a cigar to people who don’t know much about them, you can never go wrong with the Drew Estate Brand: Acid. “The ACID smoking experience is like no other. Each blend holds new explorations in tobacco curing and blending that are the closest guarded secrets in the industry.”

The looks I get from telling people to try acid are priceless! I race into the next sentence and describe the very sweet and bold taste they hold with each puff of the cigar. kicking back with the best friends on a night when everything seems to much to handle, can be all the difference in saving the bridge from snapping that keeps you sane. This is one of the many ways I love to relieve stress of my daily life. Are you interested in any cigars that you would recommend for other people to try? Let us know below in the comments!

Have a stress free day everyone.